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Lisa Medoff

Little Tree Pendant Necklace|Sterling Silver

Little Tree Pendant Necklace|Sterling Silver

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The original concept for this piece was carved in wax. The piece was then cast in sterling silver and finished with a variety of carving tools. Each piece is hand finished and oxidized for greater contrast.


Dimensions: 1 ¼" x 1"

Chain Length: 16"


When Lisa Medoff was 5 years old, she went fishing with her Dad and brother. As awful as it sounds, her father accidentally hooked her while casting his line. "I was looking at the lake when I suddenly felt a tug on my head but don't really remember being in pain. What I do remember is sitting in the car on the way to the hospital admiring myself in the rearview mirror. I had a lovely feathered lure hanging down the side of my head and thought I looked like a Mythical Princess. I do believe my love of adornment started then and there".


Lisa was born and bred in Brooklyn NY where she received a BA in Cultural Anthropology. She has studied under several master jewelers over the years and been exhibiting for over 25 years. Her work is influenced by her travels around the globe and inspired by nature and organic forms. "I like to think of my pieces as wearable sculptures".

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