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Ethanol Fire Pit Tabletop Fireplace

Ethanol Fire Pit Tabletop Fireplace

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Place of Origin #originPlace#
Main Color Pink+White
Main Material Concrete
Dangerous Goods #dangerFlag#

Dimensions & Weights

Assembled Length (in.) 11.60
Assembled Width (in.) 11.00
Assembled Height (in.) 5.90
Weight (lbs) 13.00

Product Features

  • Tabletop Fire Pit
  • Ethanol Fire pit
  • Tabletop Fire Bowl Outdoor & Indoor
  • Portable Ethanol Fireplace Alcohol Fire Pot


Tabletop Fire Pit, Tabletop Fire Bowl Outdoor and Indoor Portable Ethanol Fireplace Alcohol Fire Pit
Material: Concrete Color: Pink + White Accessories: Stainless steel Cup and Lid, with blue glass beads Packing: Mail order packing Fuel: Ethanol (Gel or liquid) (Not Included) What Is In The Box? Concrete Tabletop Fire Pit body Stainless Fire Extinguishing Lid Inner Steel Burn Cup Outer Steel Burn Cup Non-slip Bottom Pad Blue Glass Beads
Unique color combination and texture design
Color combination: The classic color combination of dark red and white exudes a sense of elegance, mystery, and romance. The deep and enigmatic dark red imparts a sense of dignity and elegance, while the white texture adds a fresh and bright element. Texture design: The white texture gives the dark red surface a unique texture that creates a more three-dimensional and layered appearance, enhancing the overall aesthetic experience. The fine design of the texture makes the surface more tactile and visually appealing, exuding a high sense of fashion and quality.
Doble Layer SUS Fire Pot with Lid
1. Material: High quality stainless steel, low temperature coefficient of linear expansion, high tensile strength and wear resistance. 2. Design: Unique loop design, beautiful appearance, easy to install and replace. 3. Heat resistance: The stainless-steel pot has good heat resistance, can withstand high temperature up to 600°C, and will not burn or deform at high temperature. 4. Easy to clean: The stainless-steel surface is easy to clean and care, which can maintain the cleanliness and freshness of the burner at all times. 5. Long service life: The stainless-steel pot has a long service life, which can reduce the frequency of replacement and save cost.
With Blue Glass Beads
1. Adding Color: Blue glass beads can add blue color to the firepit, creating a contrast with the orange flame, enhancing visual impact and making the firepit more vibrant. 2. Adding Interest: By including blue glass beads in the firepit, you can add a touch of fun and playfulness to the atmosphere, making a cozy bonfire even more enjoyable. 3. Adding Artistic Touch: Blue glass beads can be used to create unique artistic effects, such as blue flames, adding an artistic touch to the firepit and making it more unique and attractive. 4. High-temperature insulation: The bead glass has good high-temperature resistance and insulation performance, which can effectively prevent the heat loss of the burner and improve the efficiency of the burner.
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