Gallery La La Artisan Market
Submissions for our Turquoise Sky Digital Exhibition Series

Gallery La La is now accepting submissions for the Turquoise Sky Digital Art Exhibition Series. A monthly exhibition, that runs from the first Friday of each month, rotating artists works on digital screens.

  • Opening reception will be on the first Friday of each month.
  • Display images of artists' paintings, photography, digital art, etc.
  • Artist name, website and contact info will be displayed with their images
  • Up to 3 images per artist can be entered
  • $20 fee per image that is entered
  • Limited spaces per month available

2015 Exhibition Dates

Feb 6th - Mar 5th (submission deadline Feb 1st)
Mar 6th - Apr 2nd (submission deadline Mar 1st)
Apr 3rd - Apr 30th (submission deadline Mar 30th)
May 1st - Jun 4th (submission deadline Apr 26th)
Jun 5th - Jul 2nd (submission deadline May 31st)
Jul 3rd - Aug 6th (submission deadline Jun 28th)
Aug 7th - Sep 3rd (submission deadline Aug 2nd)
Sep 4th - Oct 1st (submission deadline Aug 30th)
Oct 2nd - Nov 5th (submission deadline Sep 27th)
Nov 6th - Dec 3rd (submission deadline Nov 1st)
Dec 4th - Dec 31st (submission deadline Nov 29th)

The exhibitions will be featured in their SoHo boutique gallery, GLLAM (Gallery La La Artisan Market), giving shoppers the opportunity to view your art in digital format. Your images will contain your contact details so if a customer is interested in acquiring your work then they can deal directly with you. Oversea applicants are welcome.

Opening Reception

The monthly digital art receptions will be combined with the monthly live music nights, which will feature wonderful entertainment by talented musicians.

To have your work considered please email up to 3 attachments (images of your work) with the following information for each piece of work you submit:

  • Name of work
  • Medium
  • Name of artist
  • Website
  • Email/Telephone number

If they think your work is a good fit for their exhibitions they will send you an online invoice to make payment and register.

For more information:

Monday - Thursday 11am - 8pm
Friday 11am - 9pm
Saturday & Sunday 10am-7pm
GLLAM is located at 138 Sullivan Street, SoHo, NY 10012

If interested in booking